Le nail studio encino

So nice and clean. It had a fresh lemony scent and the floor was polished to a high shine. They had a wide variety of colors. Both my friend and I went with white which turned out beautifully.

Rgt cycling review

In development for four years, RGT Cycling has debuted a unique indoor cycling app that looks a lot more like riding a bike outside. Build your own courses. Organize virtual group rides from your real local bike shop.

Samsung extended pvr

Samsung UE43TU has an amazing picture quality thanks to the 4k resolution. The most important display feature is HDR technology, which provides bright and colorful images with amazing clarity. In addition, this TV has a good motion rate so the images display smoothly on the screen, so you can definitely enjoy action films, sports and games. But it does have UHD dimming at least which compensates for the lack of local dimming feature, so the movie watching experience will not be that bad after all.

460 scj

See all 18 photos. Frequent Car Craft readers know the drill: Grab a low-dollar long-block engine assembly, throw headers, a carb, an intake, and a cam at it But this time we'd throw in a couple of twists: The test mule would be an un-Chevy--namely, a big-block Ford and we'd run the combo on affordable octane regular-grade gas. Little did we realize what we were in for. When it comes to a Ford big-block, there's no such thing as a simple bolt-on; Ford has changed the 's basic architecture more often than a Paris salon changes dress styles.

Desmos ferris wheel

Notice how the purple point indicates a height of feet. Use the trigonometric function that appears on the right to solve for the shortest time it takes for any rider to reach this height of feet. Type your answer hereā€¦.

Terminal emulator android

Have you ever wanted a complete Linux terminal environment on your Android phone. If so, then Termux is the answer. Termux installs just a few basic packages out of the box, to reduce APK size on the Play Store, but allows you to install any extra packages that you desire. Termux packages are built using Ubuntu It is a very simple and elegant solution to what otherwise could be a complex and difficult problem.